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Because chronology is for people not suffering from massive nasal congestion...

+ I have a new nephew! He is so cute! I got to go see him when he was 5 days old!
- He is located in Montana.
+ I need to find a good book about the geology of Montana. Driving back along I-90, the rock formations in the continental divide are amazing.
- I brought back a cold. 2 year old nephews are not so good at not coughing in your face when playing trucks.
- I have been sick enough not to go to work for the last three days.
- My apartment is freezing, because all the windows are open to try to remove drying polyurethane fumes. Neither the fumes or the cold is helping me get better.
+ The carpet guy comes to replace the cat-urine-damaged carpet on Monday! (Thus the polyurethane sealing of the subfloor.)
+ The carpet cleaners come on Wednesday for the areas of carpet that aren't being replaced.
+ Turns out that clouds bump up against Mt Rainer and then flow past in ripples with an eddy, exactly as water behaves when encountering a large rock in a stream.
+/- Dawn is beautiful breaking over the clouds when viewed from an airplane.
+ I have three potential roommates, all of which sound like they are not crazy. Interviews in person will begin tomorrow.
- Haven't gotten a lot of cleaning done after previous roommate moved out, between being sick and out of town.
+/- I have a facebook account, because my sister is trying to set me up with my brother-in-law's cousin.
+ Being sick, playing with facebook is just about my speed.
- I really don't like not having my kitchen handy. Cooking in someone else's kitchen is hard. (E.g. What do you mean you don't have Italian seasoning, or the component herbs to compound my own?!?)
- I miss my bed when traveling, too.
+ My previous work documenting tasks and training backup for important issues at work means it takes less than 3 hours to arrange to be gone for over a week.
+/- It probably helped that I not only covered for my boss for her two week honeymoon in Europe, but also covered for her boss (Departmental Manger!) for the entirety of those same too weeks. My turn to be out of the office now.
- Did I mention that something is trying very hard to stay living in my sinuses? Die, viri/bacteria/whatever you are, die!
+ I got my voice back after coughing it away.
+ Toes stay warmer with two pairs of socks.
+ My freezer contains steak. My pantry contains potatoes. I am going to have a very easy and tasty dinner shortly.
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