Feb. 14th, 2009

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The 30th of January, I somehow tweaked my back while sleeping. Rather badly, and such that standing was painful. Heat helped, and drugs helped (I've taken more Ibuprofen in the last two weeks than the previous two years), and it's slowly getting better, but is still subject to sudden intense pain if I move wrong.

The fall on a set of icy steps on Tuesday didn't help, bruising both my pride and my posterior. For a vestigial bit, a battered tailbone certainly complains a lot. (Also, now sitting hurts too. I have better things to do than spend my spare time lying down so my back doesn't hurt!)

And the last two days, I've finally had the energy to do something other than collapse in a chair and try to get someone else to make dinner for me after work (although it turns out my roommate makes a fine brie and jam open face sandwich). On the one hand, it's so nice that my brain is working again. On the other, it's frustrating that one trip to the post office and grocery store, and then making lunch while waiting for a freecycler pickup, have completely exhausted me for the day.

Maybe I'll take a nap before [livejournal.com profile] stolen_tea's not-Valentine's-Day-related event. I hate to miss the sun, but I'm not even up for walking to a park bench and sitting in the cold.


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